The Kidney in Myeloma


13.50 Welcome and introduction
Prof. R. Schots (Vice-President BHS)
14.00-16.00 Part 1: Expert lectures
Chairs: Prof. D. Kuypers – Prof. M. Delforge
14.00 Update on myeloma
Prof. Michel Delforge (UZ Gasthuisberg, KUL)
14.45 Kidney disease related to monoclonal gammopathies
Prof. C. Bovy (H. Sart Tilman ULg)
15.30 Free light chain immunoassays: good enough?
Prof. M. Vercammen (UZ Brussel VUB)
16.00-16.30  Coffee break
16.30-18.10  Part 2: Interactive sessions
Management of the myeloma patient with renal insufciency
Chairs: Prof. R. Schots – Dr. J. Sennesael
16.30 Case report 1 + comments
Prof. P. Zachée Stuyvenberg, ZH ZNA
17.00 Case report 2 + comments
Prof. N. Meuleman, Inst. Bordet ULB
17.30 Debate: Extracorporeal treatment is recommended for the management of cast nephropathy
YES Prof. B. Meyers, UZ Gasthuisberg, KUL
NO Dr. M-C. Vekemans, H. St. Luc UCL
18.10 Closing remarks
Prof. D. Kuypers (President BSN)
18.30 Reception with snacks


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The Kidney in Myeloma
12 mei 2012

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