Mycology Update – A symposium of the Netherlands Society of Medical Mycology

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Medical mycology is a rapidly evolving area and this symposium will highlight recent developments from laboratory bench to patient bedside. New taxonomy challenges our ability to correctly identify clinical fungi and new techniques are becoming available which may help us overcome these challenges. Also our understanding of intrinsic and acquired resistance has increased and in vitro susceptibility testing is often needed to help guide antifungal therapy choices. New drugs and new formulations have become available and offer us more options in patient treatment. Also new guidelines have been published, that provide evidence-based recommendations for management of Candida and Aspergillus infections. Specific topics related to our daily practice will be discussed including invasive aspergillosis as complication of influenza in ICU-patients, the latest trends in azole resistance and Cryptococcus gattii epidemiology. Furthermore, the increasing trend of Fusarium keratitis will be presented. National and international experts will share their insights with us and provide an interesting and stimulating day for those involved in clinical management as well as laboratory diagnosis of invasive fungal diseases. Looking forward meeting you all in Utrecht, Program Committee  Prof. dr. Paul Verweij Prof. dr. Sybren de Hoog Dr. Jacques F. Meis Dr. Ferry Hagen
  • Wanneer: 22 september - 1 januari 1970
  • Locatie: Zaalverhuur7, Boothstraat, Utrecht, Nederland

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