Ghent Clinical Immunology Symposium 2013

Research breakthroughs in human immunology have led to a whole arsenal of therapies making a huge difference in the lives of millions of patients. This is especially true for often debilitating diseases such as immune deficiencies, autoimmunity, allergy or allograft rejection.

Meanwhile, today’s science is sketching a picture in which “immunomodulation” may become the mainstay of future treatments against much more common conditions, including cancer, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, Alzheimer’s dementia etc…

As a recognition of the impact of immunology research on people’s health, the 2011 Nobel prize of Medicine was awarded to three immunologists, active in the field of respectively innate immunity, inflammation and dendritic cells. 2011 also saw the birth of Ghent Clinical Immunology: a multidisciplinary platform integrating clinically-oriented research efforts in the field of cellular immunotherapy and advanced immunological diagnostics.

We think there is no better way to celebrate the creation and early achievements of our platform than to bring together outstanding experts, who will share cuttingedge, clinically relevant insights into the fascinating field of human immunity.

We look forward to meeting you in the beautiful city of Ghent!

Karim Vermaelen, MD, PhD


08:30 registration and coffee

09:00 welcome words and short introduction – Karim Vermaelen, Ghent University

session 1 | the failing human immune system
chairs: Bart Lambrecht, Filomeen Haerynck

09:20 Dendritic cell deficiency syndromes – Matthew Collin, Newcastle, UK
09:40 C-type lectin receptors and the control of immunity – Gordon Brown, Aberdeen, UK
10:20 When more is less: PID based on transcription factor hyperactivity – Melissa Dullaers, Ghent, BE

11:00  coffee break

session 2 | human immunity on fire
chairs: Dirk Elewaut, (to be announced)
11:20 Targeted therapies in inflammatory joint diseases: how did we get there and were are we going? – Peter Taylor, Oxford, UK
12:00 Role of inflammasomes in rheumatoid arthritis – Mohamed Lamkanfi, Ghent, B

lunch break

session 3 | immune cells as therapeutical tools
chairs: Tessa Kerre, Karim Vermaelen
14:00 T-cell adoptive therapy: state-of-the-art – Tobias Feuchtinger, Tübingen, D
14:40 Genetically-modified human dendritic cells for cancer immunotherapy – Renata Stripecke,Hannover, D

coffee break

15:30 Development of dendritic cell cancer vaccines in Ghent – an update Ghent Clinical Immunology
16:00 Keynote Lecture – Cornelis Melief, Leiden, NL
17:00 Closing Remarks



The registratoin module is closed. You can register on-site on Friday 7th June.

Written cancellation received before May 1st 2013, will be refunded less 35 € administration costs.

Algemene informatie

International Convention Center – ICC Ghent
Van Rysselberghedreef 2, B-9000 Ghent, Belgium

The ICC Ghent is located within the beautiful Citadel Park, across the Museum of Fine Arts (MSK) and the Museum of Contemporary Art (S.M.A.K.). ICC is within 10 min walking distance from Ghent’s main train station (St. Pieters), and 10 min walking distance from the large St. Pietersplein underground car park.
For details on how to reach ICC, see

Target audience
This meeting aims to bring together clinicians and translational researchers active in the field of human immunology, immune-mediated diseases, and immunotherapy.

RIZIV-INAMI accreditation has been accepted for 5 credit points.


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Ghent Clinical Immunology Symposium 2013
7 juni 2013

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