Sponsor acquisition & exhibition management

Your partner in successful conference organisation

Organising a conference can involve a lot of costs, but in reality, a conference doesn't have to cost you anything at all. Did you know that your conference can be cost-neutral or even profitable? You can make your conference profitable by investing in sponsor acquisition and effective exhibition management. We know the ropes and can support you in this endeavor.
Sponsor acquisition & exhibition management.

Organising a cost-neutral conference

In addition to participant registrations, sponsors represent a significant source of income. Sponsors provide participants with the opportunity to be informed about the latest developments in healthcare.

To conduct comprehensive sponsor acquisition, it is important to have good contacts and know who can be approached. With years of experience organising conferences, we have a deep understanding of the market. We know which firms align with specific target audiences and are aware of new firms and products entering the market.

We also advise sponsors on setting up their booths, making Congress Care a valuable partner for both the client and the sponsor.

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What we can do for you

Together, we critically review the budget and determine the necessary sponsorship revenue to balance the budget. We have access to a large database categorised into areas of interest, ensuring there is always a list of relevant sponsors available for you to approach. Once a sponsor has committed, we also handle the financial and organisational aspects. This includes providing information to exhibitors, such as preferences for stands and locations, details about loading and unloading, and providing a floor plan.

Sponsors on a conference.

We offer full support

In short, we provide the following support:

  • Analysis & advice on revenues, pricing, and facilities
  • Development of a sponsorship plan, in compliance with applicable laws and regulations, such as those from CGR, Mdeon, EthicalMedTech, and EFPIA
  • Compilation of a sponsor prospectus
  • Design of exhibition floor plan
  • Active personal outreach for sponsor recruitment
  • Invitation of potential exhibitors
  • Sale and allocation of exhibition booths
  • Compilation of technical information regarding booth construction, layout, etc.
  • Communication and coordination with exhibitors
  • Technical execution and on-site coordination (setup and teardown of booths)
  • Coordination of sponsored components
  • Handling of business aspects, contracts, and invoicing

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