Membership administration

We take care of your conference

Are you burdening your own staff with administrative hassle and additional phone calls, or does regular work take priority? That's the choice you'll have to make. But as far as we're concerned, you can rely on our secretariat for all administrative and support tasks. Apart from financial administration, we can handle the entire membership administration and everything related to it.


What we can do for you

At Congress Care, we operate within a close-knit team with streamlined communication. Everyone within the organisation is aware of the upcoming congresses. This means that, in addition to your designated contact person, you can always rely on prompt support. It also ensures that the participants of your congress are always well-assisted.

We aim for complete support in conference organisation and provide comprehensive services when it comes to administrative tasks. This may include activities such as member contact, membership database management, invoicing, collection, correspondence, invitations, and email services. Often, membership administration is part of a complete package of services we offer to a client.

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In practice

To give you an idea of what Congress Care's services can mean for you, let us illustrate what we recurrently provide for the European Burns Association (EBA).
Since 2011, Congress Care has functioned as the in-house PCO (Professional Congress Organiser) of the European Burns Association. We are responsible for the logistical organisation of all their congresses and webinars:

  • The EBA Congress is organised biennially across Europe. It's a four-day conference for approximately 800 participants.
  • The European Burns Association Course is also organised biennially across Europe. It's an interactive course for a small group of participants focused on a specific topic.
  • There are also three online webinars per year for about 150 participants, depending on the topic.

Additionally, one of our colleagues serves as the secretariat, handles membership administration, facilitates meetings of the EBA board, ensures the certification of EBA Burns Centres, and updates

Such close collaboration often results in streamlined communication and long-term partnerships, enabling us to optimise the congresses we organise for the European Burns Association. We know the members and understand how to engage them to register for the congresses or online webinars.



Focus on the content and leave the rest to us? With our experience and expertise, we will organise your conference from start to finish.