Our history

Congress Care was founded in 1997 by Rob Zikkenheimer and Jacqueline van der Meer. Since its establishment, the company has been facilitating, supporting, and organising conferences in the healthcare sector. The goal is to organise high-quality and top-notch healthcare conferences to perfection.

Over the years, the company has evolved into a leading Professional Congress Organiser (PCO) with a close-knit team of enthusiastic, knowledgeable, initiative-driven, and results-oriented individuals. Together, they annually welcome more than 20,000 participants to the successfully organised conferences.

Congress Care.

In January 2021, Congress Care was acquired by Pepijn Klerkx and Roderick Mulder, who then took over the leadership of the organisation. Rob Zikkenheimer and Jacqueline van der Meer remained closely involved in the daily operations of the company until mid-2022, but have since transferred their responsibilities to the new co-owners. In April 2022, the management team was further expanded with Debbie Schuurmans.

The current management team aims to better serve both new and existing clients. This includes providing support for webinars or hybrid conferences, as current trends indicate that conferences are no longer limited to live gatherings at a single location but can also be hybrid or entirely online. This requires the expertise of a PCO, and Congress Care has demonstrated its capability by organising several successful hybrid conferences and webinars in recent years.


Would you like to learn more about us as an organisation or collaborate with us to organise a conference, please don't hesitate to reach out!