Online Events & Webinars

Anyone who has ever organized an event know it can take up a huge amount of time, as well as for delegates and your faculty (speakers, moderators, chairmen etc.). This is the time to make a well-considered choice: are you aiming on bringing (a small selection of) your audience physically together or will a wide spread broadcast be a better way to disseminate your information? Or why don’t you consider a combination of both. From virtual congress to short webinar, with online events, you will safe time, money and the environment!

Congress Care will be more than happy to support you in the decision making process which comes with the realization of your online event. 

We use your expertise, work together to develop the strongest possible programme and find the best speakers, and regularly consult with you about the progress of your project. But you can count on us to take care of the really time-consuming nitty-gritty details.

Get the Most Out of Your Event

We understand exactly what you are looking for and will make your event a success.

What We Do:

Concept Development

  • Objective and target group identification
  • From idea to programme fulfilment
  • Harmonization of content, user experience, lay-out of the meeting (hybride, virtual or a combination with on-demand sessions)
  • Utilization of network and bringing together parties

Project Management

  • Coordination of the online platform 
  • Set-up, planning and complete organisation of programme
  • Formulating and monitoring of project plan
  • Creating action plan

Project Secretariat

  • Administrative tasks
  • Preparing, writing and distributing minutes
  • Contact point for participants and speakers
  • Coordinating and dispatching invitations
  • Meeting secretariat

Financial Management 

  • Budget formulation and monitoring
  • Financial management
  • Financial administration


  • Applications for accreditation – both for live streaming events as well as for on-mand post programmes 
  • Registration of study points using registration and accreditation systems

Marketing en Promotion

  • Formulation of a promotional and publicity plan
  • Supervision of concept design, text editing and printed matter, e.g. stationery, invitations, advertisements, posters, brochures, programme handbooks and abstract books 
  • Optimal use of social media

Programme and Speakers 

  • Advising on content and lay-out of programme
  • Advising on possible speakers and chairpersons
  • Inviting speakers
  • Supervision of programme and speakers
  • Set-up and coordination of registration procedure 


  • Selection process:
    – record at the congress venue and arrange a direct live stream from that location
    – speakers are live streamed from their home or work address
    – or a combination of both 
  • Life congresses are recorded and can be attended afterwards, on-demand
  • Organisation and coordination audiovisual support / streaming / hosting 


  • Participant registration
  • Participant administration
  • Badges and participant lists


  •  Sponsors also provide an extra revenue source on top of the income from participant fees, thus making you less vulnerable financially. We are only too happy to support and guide you in raising sponsorship for your digital event.


  • Evaluation participants and speakers
  • Updating participant records
  • Evaluation with client(s)

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