12th Thoracic Oncology Winter Symposium

We are delighted to invite you to the 12th Thoracic Oncology Winter Symposium on January 16, 2016.

This annual symposium offers a unique opportunity to meet (inter) national experts in thoracic oncology. During the meeting exciting innovations e.g immunotherapy and challenging controversies (surgery in mesothelioma, surgery or SABR in early stage NSCLC…) will be discussed.

Don’t miss the experience of this great meeting in the magnificent city of Ghent…

We look forward to meet you in Ghent,
Prof. Dr. Jan Van Meerbeeck, Coördinator Thoraxoncologie, MOCA UZA
Prof. Dr. Veerle Surmont, Coördinator LONG, Ghent


Programme 16 January 2016

09.00 Registration with coffee & croissants

09.30 Welcome (Veerle Surmont, UGent)

09.35 Session 1: quality in lung cancer care
Chair: Annelies Janssens, UZA – Paul Baas, NKI Amsterdam, NL
09.35 Quality control and assessment in molecular pathology (Jo Van Dorpe, UGent)
10.00 Integrating outcome and toxicity in clinical benefit (Martijn Kerst, NKI, Amsterdam, NL)

10.25 Session 2: optimal treatment in stage I NSCLC
Chair: Yolande Lievens, UGent – Michèle De Waele, UZA
10.25 SAB Radiotherapy (Umberto Ricardi, Torino University, I)
10.45 VATS-resection (Rick Paul, VUmc, Amsterdam, NL)
11.05 Interactive vote (Thomas Malfait, UGent)

11.15 Coffee break

11.45 Session 3: controversies in thoracic oncology
Chair: Birgitta Hiddinga, UZA – Frank Vermassen, UGent
11.45 Immunotherapy: is more better? (Karim Vermaelen, UGent)
12.10 Anti-angiogenesis in mesothelioma: more than untargeted therapy? (Arnauld Scherpereel, CHRU Lille, F)
12.35 Surgery and mesothelioma: mythe or hype? (Harvey Pass, New York University, USA)
13.05 Summary (Jan van Meerbeeck, UAntwerpen)

13.10 Walking lunch

12th Thoracic Oncology Winter Symposium
January 16th, 2016

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