Post-Graduate Training Course ‘Paediatric Mycology’

Dear colleague,

It is a great pleasure to invite you to the Post-Graduate Training Course ‘Paediatric Mycology’ organized by the European Paediatric Mycology Network (EPMyN). This training course will be held following the Trends in Medical Mycology, the bi-annual joined meeting of the European Confederation of Medical Mycology (ECMM) and EORTC Infectious Diseases Group.

Internationally recognized European experts in the field of paediatric mycology will update you on the latest developments related to the epidemiology, prevention, diagnosis and treatment of invasive fungal infections in children and neonates.

The EPMyN has been launched in 2014 to create a European platform for research and education in paediatric mycology with the ultimate goal to increase our understanding of invasive fungal infections in children and neonates and to improve the outcome.

On behalf of the EPMyN steering group, I am looking forward to greet you at our Post-Graduate Course.

Adilia Warris, chair EPMyN


Steering Group:

Adilia Warris (chair)
Andreas Groll
Andrew Cant
Carlo Giaquinto
Elio Castagnola
Emmanuel Roilides
Irja Lutsar
Mike Sharland
Nigel Klein
Paolo Manzoni
Roger Brüggemann
Thomas Lehrnbecher


Monday October 12th

13.30-14.00  Registration
14.00-14.15  Welcome (Adilia Warris)

14.15-14.45  Invasive Candidiasis in Neonates
Emmanuel Roilides, professor of paediatrics, Thessaloniki, Greece

14.45-15.15  Preventive Measures
Elio Castagnola, paediatric infectious diseases specialist, Genua, Italy

15.15-15.45  Antifungal Treatment in Neonates
Irja Lutsar, professor of paediatrics, University of Tartu, Estonia 

15.45-16.15  BREAK

16.15-17.45  Interactive Neonatal Cases

18.30-20.00  BUFFET DINNER

20.00-20.30  TDM in neonates and children
Roger Brüggemann, clinical pharmacologist, hospital pharmacist, Radboud UMC, Nijmegen, NL

20.30-21.00  Fungal Diagnostics with a focus on paediatrics
Paul Verweij, professor of medical microbiology, Radboud UMC, Nijmegen, the Netherlands

Tuesday October 13th

9.00-9.30 Epidemiology of Fungal Infections in Haemato-Oncology Patients
Stephane Paulus, senior lecturer paediatric infectious diseases, Liverpool, UK

 Targeted Prevention Possible?
Elio Castagnola, paediatric infectious diseases consultant, Genua, Italy

Treatment of Invasive Fungal Infections in Haemato-Oncology Patients
Andreas Groll, professor of paediatrics, Münster, Germany

10.30-11.00hr  BREAK

11.30-12.45  Interactive Paediatric Cases

12.45-13.30  LUNCH

13.30-14.00  Fungal Infections in Primary Immunodeficiencies
Adilia Warris, associate professor paediatric infectious diseases, University of Aberdeen , UK

 Management of invasive aspergillosis in CGD patients
Nigel Klein, professor of paediatrics, University College London, UK

 Imaging of Fungal Infections
Charalampos Antachopoulos, assistant professor, Thessaloniki, Greece

  Wrap up and Closing Remarks (Adilia Warris)

Hotel accommodatie

The Organization of the Post-graduate course Paediatric Mycology and TIMM 2015 has secured a number of rooms in the Vila Galé Opera hotel.
Reservations can be made using the On-line Accommodation Booking Form.

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  • Wanneer 12 - 13 oktober 2015
  • Waar Hotel Vila Galé Ópera, Lisbon, Portugal
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Post-Graduate Training Course ‘Paediatric Mycology’
12 - 13 oktober 2015

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